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About xComfort - Wireless Lighting Control

Functions and solutions

xComfort is a wireless control system for the electronic equipment in your house, which gives the house smarter functions, greater security and increased comfort.

The advantages:

xComfort Lightign Control

  • less power consumption
  • design tailored to your style
  • control your lights and heating
  • better security
  • wireless control
  • no unsightly cables
  • remote control via smartphone or web

Who can use xComfort?

The xComfort system can be used for anything from updating existing installations or extending, renewing and improving them, to setting up completely new installations. You can start small, with simple and practical functions, and expand later as the need or desire arises. Do you need an extra light switch in the hall, or at both the top and bottom of the stairs? These are standard tasks that xComfort carries out every day, with absolutely no visible cables. Because installing xComfort involves making changes to electrical systems, it needs to be installed by an electrician. For the best planning assistance, advice and tips, consult your electrical specialist.

A sea of possibilities


With xComfort installed in the house, you have access to all the technical equipment inside through various different user interfaces, such Eaton is showing in the picture above.

Standard solution

You buy xComfort from your local electrician. The electrician sets up a solution with the desired light and heating control, and the associated timeswitches. The system can also be extended to include blinds and security cameras.

Extended solution

If you want to extend the system, then the TV, radio, amplifi ers, set-top boxes, doors, garage doors and more can also be controlled through the remote. All the remote controls in the house can be reduced down to one, meaning that you can switch everything off with a single button press. If you want to reduce your energy consumption, you can implement maximum power monitors, automatic over-consumption alerts and presence sensors, as well as the built-in time-switches.