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Utilising Eatons new Hybrid Switching Technology, xComfort have introduced a new range of switching actuators in both 10A (CSAU-01/01-10) & 16A (CSAU-01/01-16) setting a new benchmark in wireless switching technology.
xComfort Fire & Intruder safety systems, manage your home security with alerts, alarms and security zones. Automatically disable devices in the event of a fire and enable device to deal with a fire outbreak remotely.

xComfort Child Protection System

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With an xComfort system you can relax knowing your children are safe. Whatever concerns you have about your children’s safety at home

xComfort Safety & Security

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xComfort systems provide a complete home security system which does it all. Image for a moment a system which can prevent a fire before it starts, eliminate damage from frost or chase off a burglar before they break in.

xComfort Commercial Building Applications

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With xComfort technology, building control becomes flexible to suit your needs. Wireless control of lighting and heating zones makes it easy to adjust the walls, easy to use and cost effective.Wireless of lighting and heating zones makes it easy to adjust the walls and partitions without the need for an electrician to move switches or heaters.

Remote Home Control Uses

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With xComfort systems the option to remotely control your lighting & heating can be easily done via your mobile phone, tablet or PC.Image before heading back to your home to be able to set your house to comfort mode so it’s warm and cosy when you arrive.
xComfort FAQ guide for application and lighting control systems. An overview of what to look out for when setting up a system and what xComfort products can do for you.

CKOZ-00/13 & CKOZ-00/14

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xComfort USB configuration (CKOZ-00/13) & communication sticks (CKOZ-00/14) for programming and setting up new/existing xComfort installations

xComfort 12 Zone Multi Heating Actuator

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The CHAZ-01/12 12 Zone heating actuator brings in an innovative space saving device to control numerous heating radiator valves.