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Heating Control

Temperature is an important factor for well-being. Controlling the heating is not only sensible, it also shapes your mood. Taking care to lower the temperature in rooms that are not in use is a good way to reduce the building’s heating costs. With xComfort, this can be put into practice in both existing buildings and new builds.

Heating your home is important in an European climat. On the other hand, lack of resources, energy costs and environmental consciousness mean that we need to manage our energy consumption carefully.

xComfort can help you to do just that! Controlling your heating can have many advantages. First and foremost, it makes sure the temperature is comfortable when you want and need it to be. What’s more, the control can stop you from “pouring money down the drain” by spending money on energy you are not using. xComfort can be used to control either electric or water-circulation central heating. Functions like automatic night-time reduction and energy-saving programmes for extended absence are obvious solutions. Each room or heating zone can have its own temperature profi le, tailored to the room’s daily usage patterns.

Components used in heating control solutions:

  • Actuators that control heat sources like electric heaters, heating cables, radiator valves or valves for water-circulation fl oor heating, and more.
  • Thermostats or temperature sensors to measure room or outside temperature.
  • Sensors that detect if a a window in the room is open so that the heat supply can be cut off.
  • Central control units with individual calendar and time functions for each separate heating zone.
  • A function that detects whether the house is empty or in use.
  • A local override option to change the desired temperature or set the heating to stay on for longer than specified by the timer.
  • Frost protection so that the water in the pipes does not freeze on its own when you are away.
  • Remote setting to put the house in present or away mode, through an application on a smartphone if desired.
  • A shared switch in the hall that puts the house into away mode and switches all the lights off when you go out, as well as lowering the temperature to the desired energy-saving level.