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Many people have had the experience of being unsure if they turned off the iron or the coffee maker when they left the house. Don’t let concerns like that spoil your holiday.

The fact that xComfort is wireless itself brings unimagined possibilities for its use. Among other advantages, the system provides the opportunity for a functional and sensible security solution. What if the lights went on in all the bedrooms and escape routes if the fi re alarm went off?

The power to the coffee maker and iron can switch itself off when you leave the house. The same goes for the stove. If you have access to xComfort control, you can also check and, if necessary, switch off equipment from wherever you might be.

The same motion sensors that turn the light on when you move in the house can be used to set off an alarm if they detect any movement when you’re away.

xComfort lets you coordinate different parts of the installation and use the same sensor for different tasks under certain conditions.

Solutions for better security at home:

  • Actuators that control the outputs of common fire hazards like irons, coffee makers and stoves.
  • Smoke detectors that turn on the lights in the bedrooms and all hallways when activated.
  • Motion sensors that turn the light on when you’re at home, but can be used to set off an alarm if they detect any movement when the house is in away mode.
  • Alert functions that attract attention and intimidate intruders.
  • Alert functions that let you know if a sensor is not receiving enough power.
  • An alarm button by the bedside table that you can use to turn on all the lights in the house if you hear unfamiliar sounds.