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Lighting control

In a country where it gets dark early in the evening several months a year, lighting is not only an essential but also an ambience-creating factor. In some countries it is nothing unusual to use light as part of the furnishing. And dimming has almost become a natural thing to do.

A few good light control solutions:

  • Several groups of lights in the room, each of which can be dimmed to a desired level. Different light settings create the right atmosphere.
  • Buttons, remote controls or a touch button on a smartphone that call up the desired light settings.
  • A control button in the handiest place – right by the armchair or under the dinner tabletop.
  • A night light that casts a dim light from the bedroom and into the bathroom, and turns itself off when you are fi nished there.
  • Shared switches by the exit and on the bedside table that switch off all the lights.
  • Motion sensors that turn lights on and off, such as in the bathroom, the storeroom or the cellar.
  • Lights that turn themselves on with various alarms.

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