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CSEZ-01/13 Motion sensor 360 View larger

CSEZ-01/13 Motion sensor 360




This PIR-motion sensor is designed to sense movement inside a building.

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The “conventional" PIR presence detector with relay output registers movements
through a PIR 2xDUAL element sensor in indoor areas. It can therefore be used for
switching the light, but also for controlling the heating or air-conditioning while there is
someone staying in the room (requires correct setting!!).The level of brightness (approx.
2 to 2000 lux) for the PIR presence detector to respond, but also the switch-off delay
(approx. 10 seconds to 5 minutes) can be set via a potentiometer placed under the cover
of the device. A jumper (also placed under the cover of the device) can activate a prewarning
buzzer giving a signal some 5 seconds before switch-off. A LED indicates
whether the relay output is active.The device is powered via the mains, the relay contact
is potential-free. For integrating the PIR presence detector into EATON’s RF system, signals
can be processed either via the binary input 2x230VAC (265626) or via the binary
input 2x signal contact (265627), each in mode 2. It can be mounted in the installation
box at the ceiling, either by fixing it with the claws on the device or by screwing.
Attention: Make sure the wiring is correct!

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