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CHCA-00/01 Smart Home Controller




Smart Home Controller CHCA-00/01 allows complete control, visualisation & management of xComfort systems from around the world via iOS, Android or the web

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Smart Home Controller CHCA-00/01


The Smart Home Controller allows easy control, visualisation and management of xComfort system from anywhere in the world. The Smart Home Controller can be controlled by devices based on iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (smartphones, tablets), or the Web.

The Smart Home Controller (SHC) is a new central control unit with integrated
communication interface. Different software platforms will be implemented
to this controller. Graphical user interface will be based on the smart phones,
tablets and the like

With the Smart Home Controller you can easily control & visualize your home with multiple functions for each zone (room). 

Product Updates - The Smart Home Controller
Current software version 1.1.2 version 2 software under test at present which will have added functionality (no release date for version 2.00 software upgrade)


Main Application Functions


- Temperature Control (heating & Cooling for individual Rooms)

- Scenes (e.g. light scenes) including time scheduling tasks)

- Show Status & Control: e.g show open windows, dim lights

- Shading Control: e.g open/close shutters depending on time schedule, light intensity and/or room temperature

- Macros: Process your own logic features

- Camera Display: Show the pictures of IP surveillance camera

- Energy Monitoring: Display energy consumption & production (kWh, Cost, CO2)


Control your home from your android or Apple smart phone.

Log the power consumption of your home.
View heating profiles and adjust the temperatures around the house to maximum energy and minimise cost.

Historical power and temperature data, to help you reduce energy consumption: 


Control scenes to match the lighting and heating to the mood you require: Run Macros to allow events to trigger a number of actions, such as lights on if the door bell is pressed, or reduce temperatures in certain rooms if they are not used.

Even Ip cameras can be linked in to allow direct actual viewing.

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CHCA-00/01 Smart Home Controller

Wiring Diagram and instruction leaflet for xComfort Smart Home Controller

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