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CSAU-01/01-10IE Switching Actuator




CSAU-01/01-10IE Switching Actuator, integrated binary and energy measurement functions, enhanced status messages and switching control  

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£ 140.17

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New Switching Actuator CSAU-01/01-10IE, compact, robust, binary input and with enhanced features. Switch any devices such as lights, ventilation, heating, alarms etc. Thanks to the hybrid circuit technology it can be directly controlled via switches, sensors and smart devices.


Integrated Binary 230VAC

The additional integrated binary input provides the ability to use of existing switches without additional components in combination with the actuator. It can be used in conjunction with existing motion detectors and like any standard input device can be assigned to other devices to transmit control signals.


Advanced status signalling function (routing capability)

The CSAU-01/01-10IE supports advanced status reporting, ensuring high reliability status and information provided used in combination with smart devices such as the smart home controller.


Integrated energy measurement with load error message

The internal energy sensor is used to measure energy consumption of the load, connected and recorded.


Standard energy metering sensor can be directly assigned to smart device, monitor performance and energy consumption. Additional status of load fault can be used to display errors.


With a compact 18mm depth the switching actuator can be easily mounted in a switch, branch or installation box or directly into lamp cover.



The new generation of actuators offers users the opportunity to operate more efficient and more cost-saving by the RF installation. The new switching – actuators are significantly smaller and still they have much more advantages:


• Robust solution, high switching capability 10A

• Optional Switch Input - Increases flexibility, reduces costs, use existing switches

• Optional Energy Sensor-Measures the energy-consumption

• Additional Functions - For Basic-Mode Installers

• Reduced Power Consumption - To be “Green”

• Combination of Relay & Semiconductor Switch (Eaton Patented Hybrid switching technology)

• Can handle inductive and capacitive loads

• Extended Status Messaging (Routable, e.g. Smart Home Controller)


The size of the new actuators is much easier to implement inside an existing installation. The actuators will be placed easily behind existing sockets and switches.


By using the new integrated metering function you will be permanently informed about the energy consumption, where the design and the period can be changed. With the help of the Smart Home Controller it is possible to display the information on mobile devices.

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